Model Kits

Our Kits and Available RTR Models on the Market

We are producing body kits in scale 1:12 made by vacuum forming. With this existing chassis can be upgraded to recent PistenBullys of the company Kässbohrer. These and the AlpinFlex tiller kit, which was developed by us, are exclusively available for purchase at Pistenking Funktionsmodellbau.

Furthermore we are offering 3D-printed parts for a fully functioning snow blower based on the Bruder model. Also available are printed parts for upgrading and detailing of PistenBullys. These are available at our Shapeways Webshop.

PistenBully 400, ParkPro in 1:12

With this model kit a Kässbohrer PistenBully 400 can be built for the Pistenking chassis. Of course also your Graupner (Kyosho) PistenBully or Kyosho Blizzard can be upgraded to a model of the PistenBully 400. The kit is based on original data and allows a scale representation of the original in 1:12.

AlpinFlex Tiller in 1:12

With this model kit the latest PistenBully tiller can be built for your Graupner (Kyosho) PistenBully or Kyosho Blizzard. The model kit has been specifically adjusted to the dimensions of these chassis. Therefore a visually correct representation of the original can be achieved in scale 1:12 even with the narrow plastic tracks. 

The lifting mechanism was designed to work with the Graupner chassis even with the tight space due to the gear box in the rear.

Snow Blower Conversion Kit

With this conversion kit the toy snowblower by the company Bruder (Article No 02349) can be modified into a functioning blower. The snowblower may either be built as a single blower for the Dickie PistenBully or Unimogs and tractors, or as a double snowblower for 1:12 snow cat models. 

Besides the printed parts motors, gears, roller bearings etc. are needed which have to be purchased separately. 

Accessories and Upgrade Parts

For additional details or improvements of snow cat models we developed a couple of 3D printed parts in scale 1:12. These can be ordered in our Shapeways-Webshop

Current prices are listed in the webshop, they may differ due to the selected material. 

List of Ready to Run Models

From time to time we are asked for finished models. We only provide kits, but here is a list of what's available from other sources. 

These are available in all price ranges, even as "ready to run" model, for which only the batteries need to be charged before you can start.


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