Improvements and Spare Parts for
Snow Cat Models

For additional details or improvements of snow cat models we developed a couple of 3D printed parts in scale 1:12. These can be ordered in our Shapeways-Webshop. Current prices are listed in the webshop, they may differ due to the selected material. 

Fire Extinguisher for PB400 and PB600

With this 3D printed part a fire extinguisher + foot rest can be made. The decal will be mailed after ordering. It is available in scales 1:12 and 1:8.

Shapeways Webshop 1:12

Shapeways Webshop 1:8

Building Instructions

Frames for Covers of the 4.0 to Winch

These reinforcement frames can be glued into the vacuum formed covers of the Pistenking 4.0 to winch. It is one part for both frames which needs to be cut. Slight adaptions are necessary.

Shapeways Webshop

Sprocket Wheel Hub

Insert fitting into the Pistenking sprocket for newer wheel hub types. Depending on the year either the original Pistenking hub or also this hub are used at the originals.

Shapeways Webshop

Front Attachment Park Carrier

At the PistenBully 600 and 400 Park (not ParkPro!) the front attachment carrier is mounted on these parts. They fit for the Pistenking chassis. The left and right part are needed as well as a 6 mm brass tube to connect both parts at their lower end.

Shapeways Webshop LEFT

Shapeways Webshop RIGHT

Photo by Constantin Woywod

Mounting Cutting Angle Cylinder Park

At all PistenBully 400 and 600 Park versions the blade cutting angle cylinder is attached directly to the pushing frame. That's what this part is used for.

Shapeways Webshop

Mounting Cutting Angle Cylinder 5 mm

This part replaces the mounting fork at the Pistenking chassis for ball heads with 5mm width. That might be needed for some hydraulic cylinders.

Shapeways Webshop

Angled Connector Dummy for Side Blades

This scale dummy part for the hose connectors to the blade side part cylinders is screwed to the blade carrier. It can be removed together with the blade and the attached hoses.

Shapeways Webshop

Installation Instructions

AlpinFlex-Tiller Hydraulic Connectors

These parts allow a scale representation of the power cables to the tiller wheel motors. The 4 parts are combined to a ring to reduce printing costs and must be cut apart.

Shapeways Webshop

Installation Instructions

Angled Hydraulic Connectors

With these parts scale angled hydraulic connectors can be realised, for example for the side finisher cylinders. The 4 parts are combined to a ring to reduce printing costs and must be cut apart.

Shapeways Webshop

Installation Instructions

Spare Parts

All parts of our kits like vacuum formed parts and stickers can be purchased by request at Pistenking.  


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