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Model Kits for PistenBully Bodys and Accessories in 1:12

Note: All shown models contain selfmade accessories and details which are not available for purchase.

Conversion Kit for Bruder Snowblower 1:12

With this conversion kit the toy snowblower by the company Bruder (Article No 02349) can be modified into a functioning blower. The snowblower may either be built as a single blower for the Dickie PistenBully or Unimogs and tractors, or as a double snowblower for 1:12 snow cat models. A mounting frame for the Dickie (single blower) or the Pistenking attachment carrier (double blower) are also available as printed parts.

The needed parts of 3D printed nylon are available in our web shop at Shapeways. In addition parts like motor, speed controller, gears, bearings, shafts, motor-gearbox combination, screws, wires, etc. are needed.
A list of all necessary parts and building instructions are available on the webpage of Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau.

Pic: 3D printed parts for the conversion of the blower

Pic: Finished double snowblower made with the conversion kit